Monday, March 18, 2019

Review: NAILED by Alexis Adaire

My first impression on the cover: the man really needs to shave his beard. I find it hard to believe that his perfectly sculpted chest could be that hairless and the only hair is on his cropped-off face.

The story starts off with a woman gawking at the hot roofer. She’s a divorcee with a son in college. In fact, the roofer could just be the same age as her son.

A friend and even her therapist suggest a fling with the roofer. And she so desperately wants it. But she’s never been very good at that sort of thing, especially when the only man she’s ever been with was her cheating ex-husband.

Story basically summarizes the thoughts of a middle-aged woman wanting to venture into the dating world by getting laid. It’s a horny, old woman’s diary. She spends every day just staring at the roofer, lusting and hoping that she’ll soon get to bag him, while masturbating to her fantasies of him. The whole goal of this story is to get NAILED. And, boy, does she. In fact, she gets it over and over and over again. It gets kind of boring after a while.

This is how Dawn got her groove back.

It was on okay read.

My rating: 3 stars

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