Thursday, December 6, 2018

Review: DEATH WORE BROWN SHORTS by Audrey Claire

Annie is a quirky, germaphobic, whodunit mystery writer. Brown Shorts is a UPS delivery driver with great legs that the neighborhood women swoon over. Then death takes Brown Shorts.

Annie is a likeable character with a strange name (Happy Holloway?) Her father’s in prison for murdering her mother, so she has a dark past. This is probably where her fascination with murder mysteries comes from. Of course, she thinks her biggest problem is her control issues (washing her hands 50 times a day, cleaning every nook and cranny, her lover and fear of chicken, etc.)

In hopes to alleviate her OCD, Annie makes it her mission to solve this murder. Of course, I don’t know how that would help any. With everyone in town being a suspect and with the help of a hot firefighter-turned-sleuth, Annie will tackle this case and possibly get an idea for her next book.

This is a quirky, cozy mystery, and it’s a quick read; however, the ending was just too easy and had no effort. I felt like the case sort of solved itself.

My rating: 3 stars

Review: SCRAPBOOKING SLAYING by Brianna Bates

After her dad's old truck finally dies, Missy must call the help of an old friend and someone who's not so friendly to come get her and all her scrapbooking supplies. When they arrive at the school, a dead body is discovered. Now, Missy is on the case. But how can you get anywhere relying on the memories of the Cuckoo Old Lady Club? 

Could the murder be linked to a picture meant to be in a scrapbook? Could someone have seen that picture on Facebook?

Missy is smart and relatable. Yeah, she might be a tad overweight, but she takes it in stride. 

Who would've thought that you could solve a murder through scrapbooking? A great, wholesome mystery!

My rating: 4 stars


Meghan hasn't been in Sandy Bay very long, but she has already been involved in 2 murders in this sleepy, little town. Celebrating her old friend's birthday, she is suddenly thrown into trouble again when the estranged daughter waltzes into town with a crazy ex on her trail. Suddenly, the ex turns up dead.

How could Meghan prove the innocence of the best friend's daughter when the gun was found in her purse?

This was a nice, easy, cozy, little mystery with a scattered plot.

My rating: 3 stars

Review: MEXICAN CAFÉ COZY MYSTERY SET by Holly Plum (Book 1-4)

Murder con Carne (Book 1): Mari Ramirez works at her family’s Mexican restaurant in Texas. One day, she finds the body of the town’s only meat delivery man under one of her dining room tables that held a plate of carne asada. Could this have been poison? No, he was stabbed? But who would want to stab him? The leading suspect was obviously Mari’s hard-headed father, who was the only one near the vicinity when it happened. Could the rival Chinese restaurant across the street have anything to do with it?

Mari’s was determined to find the killer to not only clear her dad’s name and save the restaurant, but to hear  her dad say, “I’m proud of you.” Let’s face it, he had the mindset of the “old Mexican ways,” where the man is the master and the woman does what she’s told.

A quick, quirky mystery, although slightly predictable.

I love how it gets right to the mystery.

Killer Salsa (Book 2): Mari enters the family’s famous salsa in the Chile Festival and aims to win that prize money. Suddenly, the event organizer drops dead at the event after eating her salsa. Naturally, they suspect her salsa may have had poison.

This was better than the first mystery because it had more suspects and kept you guessing.

Smothered in Lies (Book 3): A man has been shot and dumped near the porta potties at a food truck lot, where Mari’s brothers sell at.  This then sparks possible speculation of the Legend of Red Arrow. What? Suddenly, archeology comes into play. Weird. I also thought it was lame how these murders center on the Ramirez family being the culprit and how it somehow boosts sales for the restaurant. And it happens every time, too.

Rice, Beans, and Revenge (Book 4): An old high school classmate, who is now a famous celebrity, is murdered from a plate of rice and beans at Mari’s restaurant. Could the culprit be someone from the old days looking to exact revenge? Again, this follows the same pattern from the previous books, but this one had more suspects and more allure to the mystery.

Overall: The first four books in the series were, overall, pretty good. Best ones were Book 2 + 4. Books tended to follow the same plot pattern and writing had some typos that could’ve been fixed.

My rating: 3 stars

Review: SOFT TACO MURDER by Holly Plum (Book 6)

The Ramirez family has gone camping and Mari stumbles upon a dead body in the woods. Of course!

Story was not as good as the others. Kinda slow and boring, and there were no tacos! How can you call it a soft taco murder? And why set this in the woods?

My rating: 2 stars

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Review: THE ONLY ONE by Necie Navone

An heir to Camelot…Security. He was a rich boy with all that money could offer without a care in the world.

Sex without the complications was getting harder and harder to find for Fitz, but he still stuck with it regardless. After all, why attach yourself to someone when nothing lasted forever? This may have something to do with the fact that his birth mother was killed when he was a little boy, and the scar on this side was a constant reminder of that horrible night that still haunts him to this very day. Alas, not a soul has been able to melt the heart of the Beast. The only one who ever came close was his Bella, who always stood up for him growing up. It was she that taught the frightened and lonely boy to trust and accept the family that took him in. But can she every forgive him? A charming tale of Beauty and the Beast.

I thought it was sweet how Fitz and Bella held a torch for each other all these years, never letting go and never letting anyone else in. Of course, things get more difficult when family and friends enter the mix. Drama certainly abounds this classic tale of romance.

The writing was frank and witty, although a little lagging and complex at times. Constantly shifting between past and present, story cleverly blends historic values and metaphors in a contemporary setting. Fitz and his brothers are true knights in shining armor—dedicated, valiant, and honorable. It’s surely a sappy story romance fanatics would enjoy. Personally, I wish it would’ve been a little quicker.

Still, I would like to hear more of The Brothers of Camelot.

My rating: 3 stars

Review: MY HIDDEN LIFE by Necie Navone

An Italian daughter is an heiress to a mafia king. Alessandra is a little girl obsessed with a tiara. As she’s about to be crowned, she gets shot. Now the family must protect her. As she grows older, she learns to protect herself. It’s a coming-of-age story of a girl’s life in the mafia.

Story had a slow start. Character POV’s change constantly, making it harder to keep track. It should’ve been focused more on Alessandra. There was also a constant lag throughout. I really wasn’t that captivated by the story, and it surely doesn’t inspire me to continue the series.

My rating: 2 stars