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Monday, November 5, 2018

Review: GABRIELLE, LOST by Lynn Case

Gabrielle Grimaldi, the former party girl from Fear’s Revenge, thought she had finally found the right man, Frank, to settle down with. Her career in the fashion world was beginning to take off.

That is, until she gets the opportunity to do some training in Italy and meets Giada Rosso, a wild Italian, fast-driving, hot-tempered fashion house maverick that would be her trainer. The two women have an instant connection. Then Gabrielle meets Antonio, Gia’s brother, and tensions begin to rise between the three of them. She finds herself reverting to her wilder ways.

Gabrielle soon discovers that her newfound friends have a questionable family business on the dark side of the law. She soon discovers shipments in the family vineyard wine bottles hidden amongst fabrics for the fashion house.

Soon she must decide between her boyfriend in America and her new friends in Italy. Confusion and tension rise as emotions continue to run high as kidnapping and sexual encounters ensue.

Gabrielle then learns the connection between her boyfriend and her new friends in Italy. Will this be the end of her and Frank?

My review: Surprise#1: Gabrielle’s grandmother left her a villa outside of Milan.
Surprise#2: Gabrielle is given an opportunity to work with an up-and-coming fashion designer in Italy.
What more could a girl ask for?

Having to leave her boyfriend, Gabrielle goes to Italy to advance in her career. She then meets Gia and is immediate captivated by her beauty and boldness. Always the sensual woman, she wondered how she would ever get along without a warm body by her side; then she meets Gia’s brother, Antonio. Somehow she finds herself in the middle between Gia and Antonio, battling attraction to both of them.

A woman lost between passion and curiosity. Will she find her way?

Writing reads almost like a summary (this happens, then that happens,) which was rather mediocre. And, although the Italian sceneries were very descriptive, the story maintained a drawling pace.

My rating: 3 stars

Review: FORGET YOU by Annabelle Costa

Maggie is about to get married to the man of her dreams. Everything was going perfect. The one thing she didn’t plan was passing out during the ceremony and waking up in the hospital. Oh, no, it would seem that she ruined the wedding. But her mother and her “fiancé” don’t know what “wedding” she’s talking about because the two are already married. What?! Yes, they married 3 years ago, and Maggie has no memory of any of it or the last 3 years of her life. And when did she get so old and fat?

Nothing makes sense to Maggie, especially the part about her having an affair with Riley, a paraplegic in a wheelchair. Maggie would not have cheated with Riley, even if he was cute, funny, charming, and the only one getting her through this difficult time. Funny that she never realized how horrible her husband was. Surely her husband could not be lying about Riley stalking her. So who was lying: Walt or Riley?

In this quirky tale, we follow a confused woman as she stumbles through her old life and finds her way back to where she belongs.  An enjoyable read with lots of twists you won’t see coming.

My rating: 5 stars


Amara has always been the good girl, which is why she gave up her pastry chef job in Chicago to help out her parents’ bakery in East L.A. Being Mexican, her parents had an “unyielding grip on ‘simple’ and ‘traditional.” Then, one day, a guy she once knew as a kid returns to the old neighborhood. Everyone always said Eric was a troublemaker, a bad boy—one that had no business with a good girl like Amara. But how can being bad feel so good? 

But Amara is tired of being good, always listening to everyone else, so she decides to go after Eric.

Even though the two want to be bad together, they know that it could never lead to anything serious. So they make a pact: no strings attached for the duration of his visit.

Enjoyable and light-hearted. The characters felt real and authentic.

A deliciously sweet tale!

My rating: 4 stars


Mia is distanced from her workaholic, controlling husband. Everyone keeps telling her that Jack isn’t right for her, no matter how much Mia defends his careless antics. After all, he wasn’t like this in the beginning. They can get back to the way things were. Right?

Can she stay with Mr. Wrong and be pissed off the rest of her life?

Mia was stuck in a loveless marriage but was still determined to make it work, until she catches him one day with another woman. The bastard wasted 3 years of her life and she wanted payback.

Over glasses of wine, Mia consoles and plans revenge with her best friends, Tina and Vic. Heck, she even gets the ex-wife involved.

I liked the premise of payback and the solidarity of sisterhood, but the story just wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped. The plotting had a constant lag.

My rating: 3 stars

Review: GIRL, UNSEEN by Athena Daniels

Pia Williams is a gifted psychic for a paranormal investigation TV show. One night, while visiting an old, dilapidated cottage, she sees the spirit of a young girl and feels her pain.

I love psychic stories, especially when they involve a mystery or a murder of some sorts. This story certainly sounded interesting, but it moved a little too slow for my taste. The investigation was rather daunting, which dulled the mystery. You almost don't know what's going on most of the time.  

My rating: 2 stars