Sunday, January 12, 2020

Review: ONLY FOR YOU by E.L. Todd

Scarlett will never forgive Penny for dumping her best friend, Sean, who was one of the best guys in her opinion. She was an editor working for a fat, chauvinistic jackass that just humiliated and berated her in front of the whole office. She SO wanted to quit and start her own publishing company, but she had virtually no start-up cost. Scarlett’s job hangs in the balance when the boss and a colleague try to get her fired by outing her to HR.

You feel bad for the poor, broken-hearted Sean, who simply loved and adored Penny, who ended up being a cheating, cold-hearted b#@h. Lucky for him, he had Scarlett to make him laugh and distract him.

Witty and heartfelt. You instantly feel for these characters and understand them. I love how the two were there for each other and how they wanted to make the other feel better and smile. I especially loved how Sean protected Scarlett at the restaurant—it was just his nature to not see any harm done to a girl he loved, and he loved Scarlett.

I thought this was a pretty good read and a sweet tale. I loved the friendship between Sean and Scarlett. You just know that they were going to be good together. But the whole thing started to peeter out once the two fell into a stale relationship.

Still a decent romance though.

My rating: 3 stars

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