Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Lyla has been a hermit, studying her butt off for a full course load, ever since her break-up. She was always referred to as “vanilla,” “nerd,” “the weirdo”—just plain “fugly.” That was her high school existence. In college, wasn’t smart supposed to be sexy? You would think so, huh?

In low times, Lyla can always count on her best friend—the hot, man-wh#@ hockey player. Lyla was a slave to her studies and she was tired of it. She wanted to do college the right way—a total geek makeover—and she needed Beck’s help. She doesn’t want to be the nice girl; she wants to be the hot girl.

I liked the friendly, comfortable camaraderie between Lyla and Beck. But did Lyla have to go extreme with this makeover? She’s fine just the way she is. The whole story revolved on her makeover and new lifestyle. I kind of felt like this has been done before. Of course, the jock would fall for the geek.

An okay read.

My rating: 3 stars

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