Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Cinderella screwed me over. In fact, the whole idea of HEA and Prince Charming was just a fairy tale. It starts at an early age, then you realize that the older you get, you see that love and princes fade, replaced with mediocre feelings of contempt and misery. Dating has always been a disappointment. Then it finally hits: love is bulls#@. Heck yeah!

Darby had just had it with love. One day, she gets her shoe stuck, nearly tripping over, until a handsome man catches her. His name was Jake. She couldn’t help but be charmed by the handsome Jake, even though she tried so hard to.

I liked Darby. She was witty and smart. She gets on to talk about how fairy tales correlated to her own dating life. For example, Aladdin taught her never to date liars. Example: Little Mermaid was all about falling in love with a voice—an idea, really. The reader will enjoy her dating catastrophes. It’s definitely a good life lesson to never fall for the first guy you see on the illusion of love. A guide to the different types of Prince Charmings.  And, for Darby, it’s those exact same rules that keep her from an actual decent guy.

I especially liked all the irony. For instance, it was funny how Darby ends up offending a marriage counselor. And the fact that Jake’s last name was Knight. A Knight with an anti-fairy tale. Classic!

“To male sobriety!” An enjoyable read!

My rating: 5 stars

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