Monday, October 21, 2019


Allison works part-time for a psychic hotline. Little do her callers know that they are dealing with a REAL psychic, whose power was enhanced daily thanks to a vampire.

One of the callers she gets is in agony. She connects with him right away with her psychic intuition and reveals for him that his daughter was murdered. He wants her help in finding her killer.

Even though she can’t see ghosts, Allison felt an eerie presence in the gentleman’s house. It was there that Peter (the handsome gentleman) divulges the whole sad story. Evidently, Peter’s mother was a witch, who died a while ago and encourages Allison to take her spell book.

Dreams of ghosts and girls, of murder and witches. Allison gets sucked into a chilling mystery and whirlwind of voodoo. And although she was new to all this witchy stuff, Allison takes it in stride…and lots of alcohol.

Compelling and well-written. A good read and full of mysterious twists.

My rating: 4 stars

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