Monday, October 21, 2019

Review: THE FIXER: THE NAKED MAN by Jill Amy Rosenblatt

Katerina Mills lived by the golden rule of “fixing” people’s problems: get in, get out, get done. See everything but never be seen.

One morning, she gets a frantic call from The Naked Man and goes to meet him. I wish I could say the name was a euphemism, but…he was really naked when she gets there. Flaccid penis swinging in the wind. Oy.

The Naked Man had a problem he needed to go away: an unconscious naked woman in his bed. For Kat, this was no problem. She was a Fixer, after all.

In desperate need of some quick cash, she takes a trial job working for MJM for what can only sound like an escort service. It’s pretty clear that what Kat does is highly covert and maybe even a little dodgy, but it’s kind of hard to tell what her assignment was. What exactly was she doing here?

Writing was simple, and the dialogue was refreshingly witty and candid; however, it’s kind of hard to follow a story when you don’t really know what’s going on. I liked that Kat was like this secret spy and was looking forward to seeing her in action. The reader does get to see her in action without fully knowing the mission. This could be a pretty good read with just a bit more clarification.

My rating: 3 stars

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