Thursday, October 10, 2019

Review: FAITH IS FEARLESS by D. Pichardo-Johansson

Fe’s rule: Never, ever date a doctor.

“Everything happens for good is the trick to changing your attitude. And everything is about attitude.” (2)

“Even what seems like senseless bad luck will always bring something good in the long run.” (3)

Fe is a divorced, Latina, single mom. Even though her marriage to an egotistical and manipulative man ended badly, her marriage gave her wonderful kids. Still, she learns not to make the same mistake twice.

Dr. Shawn has always had bad luck. On a bike run, he runs right into a woman—into Fe.

Both characters have good hearts. I enjoyed the streak of back luck (funny and ironic.) If it hadn’t been for this bad luck, they never would’ve met. Too bad she doesn’t date doctors.

In an effort to steer clear from the handsome doctor, Fe learns about the rumor about Shawn: the rumor was that Shawn killed his wife. What? Fe didn’t need to get mixed up with all that. She was having a hard enough time putting together her own speech therapy business, especially since her ex—the respectable doctor—was bad-mouthing her all over the medical community, running her reputation and her career prospects. But what happens when Shawn’s autistic son becomes a hopeless case and Fe is the only answer?

In the midst of trying to clear their good names, Fe and Shawn work together to help his son. And Fe is actually really good with him. The two characters actually connect over the child’s disability. Even though I did think Fe dressed too inappropriately (I mean, she’s around kids for godsakes!) I think they were good people that deserved love and happiness.

Story was quirky and enjoyable.

My rating: 3.5 star

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