Thursday, October 10, 2019

Review: MADAM LOVE, ACTUALLY by Rich Amooi

Emma Wright A.K.A. Madam Love. She is a soul mate matcher; her job was to help her clients find their HEA. She was NOT a genie that fulfilled wishes of a dream man. But she really did have a gift, even if her vibrations—feelings—weren’t always right. Still, she loved what she did. If only, her gifts would help her pay the bills. Madam Love needed new clients…and FAST.

Then she hears about a bestselling author boasting that love doesn’t exist (someone was knocking what she was selling.) When he says that fortune tellers were nothing but a fantasy—a hoax—Emma just loses it.

Lance thinks Madam Love is a fraud, but Madam Love says there’s a soul mate for everyone, even the cold-hearted Lance.

The challenge: Can Madam Love find Lance’s soul mate in 2 weeks?

If Lance could prove her wrong, his book sales would sky rocket? If Madam Love can find his soul mate, that would be a mega boost for her matchmaking business. The race was on.

Of course, Madam Love would end up tangled with him somehow. Why wouldn’t she have seen this coming? She’s a fortune teller for godsakes!

Like most of the author’s books, story spins the classic “Battle of the Sexes” concept. Most of his books are good, but they get a tad predictable, especially when relaying the same plot line over and over again. It becomes kind of stale after a while.  

My rating: 3 stars

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