Thursday, October 3, 2019


The Why-entist and the Wild Weather

By Jane Lowry

Illustrations by Sukarno Achmad
Children's STEM Picture Book

The Why-entist is a girl who asks a lot of questions! After her uncle cuts down a forest and causes a lot more carbon dioxide to get into the air, the weather gets wild with big winds and storms. The Why-entist asks librarians, an environmentalist, her family and a scientist about the change. They explain green house gas and how global warming works.  She and her friends and everyone in town, except her uncle, decide to clean up the air by planting trees and using clean energy like solar and wind power. Can she and her friends help her Uncle change his mind?

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My review: Why, When, Where, What, How, and Who? Those were the questions of the Why-Entist, a curious, little girl. In this book, the Why-Entist asks about the weather, and we learn all about climate change and global warming.  She explains the information in such simple and basic terms. And how do we get rid of the greenhouse gases? By planting trees.

Wonderful illustration about the why of the world.  Great for the science kid!

My rating: 4 stars

Meet Author Jane Lowry

Since the first time Jane Lowry saw a headlamp shine while pedaling her bike, she has been in love with renewable energy and what it can do.
As a former teacher, Jane knows the importance of motivating children to learn more STEM/STEAM material. She believes that it’s never too early to gently introduce young minds to real world vocabulary and ideas in a friendly story.
Her love of teaching and energy has taken her as far away as Japan. She’s active in the United Way’s “Read With Me” program.
Today, Jane works with engineers and scientists who research renewable energy technology from solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, to biomass.
Born in Canada, she now resides in Colorado with her Navy veteran husband, two growing up fast teens, Jasmine the rescue dog, and Pickles and August, her cats. Her love of writing, discovering what clean energy can do, coupled with cooking, travel and what’s new in the delicious world of chocolate keep her busy.


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