Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Review: NAUGHTY LITTLE SECRET by Shayla Black

Lauren couldn’t stop the constant fantasies of Noah. She had to stop mooning over her boss and long-time friend. After all, he’s never really noticed her, and since her divorce, she’s been feeling frumpy and unwanted.

Sudden notes from a stranger entice her, making her anticipate a night of wild passion. But could she have uninhibited sex with a stranger? Well, turns out the stranger ends up being Noah in disguise.

The two have a sensuous and erotic night. Two people that have been in love with each other for years finally express it in one scorching night.

Noah knows that Lauren’s been hurt by her divorce, but he can’t stop loving her. To Lauren, men weren’t built for long-lasting relationships. But Noah vows to make Lauren fall under the hard spell of Mr. Mysterious.

This was a sweet and decent romance. I liked the whole secrecy angle and how Noah was determined to make Lauren fall for him; however, it’s pretty mediocre and the read lags a bit.

My rating: 3 stars

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