Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Review: A LITTLE HARMLESS SEX by Melissa Schroeder

After his engagement ended, Max felt one thing: relief. After all, it was just a business arrangement between their families and she fit the role of the corporate wife. But why should he commit himself to a meaningless marriage with boring sex?

Anna wasn’t looking for a serious relationship, so she focused on hot flings.

With each having issues with their love life, it’s no wonder that Max and Anna have been friends for years. And neither is afraid to point out the shallowness of it all. Behind their light-hearted friendship is a secret they both share: their want for each other.

One drunken night, the two share a night of wild passion.

“Hot, steamy sex, no commitments, that was Anna…There would be no Happily Ever After.” Just sex. Bu Max would show Anna that they were right for each other…even if they have to have sex every night.

Will they get over their issues and find long-lasting happiness with each other? Family, exes, and town gossip threaten the couple’s future.

Passionate, engaging, and scintillating.

My rating: 4 stars

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