Tuesday, August 13, 2019


At the insistence of his twin sister, Trevor signs up for her Perfect Match campaign—to spend 7 nights in a romantic cabin with his “match.” Trevor couldn’t think of any worse torture, especially after he caught his girlfriend cheating on him. Scared by past relationships, he’s only into no-strings hook-ups.

Sasha is a baker with a burnt bakery. She lost everything she invested and now she was broke. Her friend suggested she take a break and signs her up on Perfect Match. Sasha was the girl Trevor had a huge crush on in high school. Wouldn’t it be perfect if she ended up being his perfect match? Well, that’s how they get stuck together. You’d think it be a dream come true, except, ever since a disastrous pitfall of “7 Minutes in Heaven,” Sasha wanted nothing to do with Trevor or his rich kind ever again.

Characters are flawed and endearing. Obviously there’s old tension between the two, but there’s also that familiar spark. After one of their battles, Trevor somehow ties her up and negotiates 7 minutes in heaven with her. Mmmm.

A light, romantic read! I liked how they fell into a comfortable friendship (like the old days) with pointed dares, tickle fights, snappy quips, and other fun games. So sweet!

My rating: 5 stars

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