Thursday, June 27, 2019

Review: THE LAST YEAR by Cara Krause

Through sporadic glances outside her window, Lillian managed to get a couple of drug addicts evicted. A therapist and a mother to a 20-year old, "she was a woman with an established career, a dead husband, and...not much else," which provoked her drinking habit. (37) Then she soon gets a new view outside her window...a tall, brooding stranger, whom she can't stop looking at. "He was scholastically weird, nerdy, mysterious, and so" (46)

Ever since then, all Lillian could think of was Felix―his touch, his taste, his feel. Too bad her daughter got to him first. Regardless, Lillian falls into a fixated and neurotic relationship with Felix. That is, if you call watching his every move a relationship. For being a therapist, she sure needed therapy herself.  

Writing was okay. It could've used more proofreading (there were too many spelling and grammatical errors to ignore.) For example, "He then climbed on top of her, kissing her as his tongue slipped down her throat." There's absolutely no way you can do all that at the same time.

I get that this was supposed to be a story of a dysfunctional woman entering a depraved world of sin and pleasure. Although it sounded enticing, story did not really impress me so much. It was kind of long and boring. Perhaps it was the superfluous details that steered it away from where it should've been. I just couldn't stay with it. 

My rating: 2 stars

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