Thursday, March 21, 2019

Review: SHARP EDGES by K.L. Middleton

For Lindsey, life was good—doting husband, loving kids, and good friends. There was a time when she used to turn heads like her friend, Darcy; but now she gets her jollies staring at her hot, new neighbor. Jake Sharp is as hunky as they come.

Sex life with her husband was not that exciting anymore, especially when he finishes first. He couldn’t be having an affair, could he? Then she catches him with his pants down…literally! Her world just falls apart. Of course, she couldn’t help but fall into Detective Jake, who seemed nice and easy to talk to.

Not only does she get involved with Jake, but she also gets involved when she thinks one of her neighbors is being abused by her cop husband. She is then frightened by an intruder, one who is watching her and threatening her children. Makes her glad that she had the protection and trust in hunky Jake, who wants her more than anything.

“All I could think about was the man who’d broken into my home and threatened my children, and the other man who’d lived in my home and threatened our marriage.” (187)

Jake was strong, confident, and street-smart. Was there something dangerous about Jake, something sharp?

This was a scintillating read from beginning to end, and although the heat was sensual, it wasn’t a high level, certainly not what the cover lends you to believe. I also think we could’ve heightened the suspense angle a bit, but, overall, I thought this was good.

My rating: 4 stars

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