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When Rachel Warren went missing just two days before her wedding, her fiancé, Adam, was panic-stricken. They had met as shy teenagers and by the time Adam asked Rachel to marry him on the night of their graduation, neither could imagine spending even a single day apart. The shock of finding out that Rachel had been murdered was almost more than Adam could bear. The case was never solved and he mourned her loss until the day he died many years later. Adam and Rachel were very old souls who had spent several lifetimes together and between lives, they searched the heavens for each other, knowing they were destined to be together again. 150 years later they were finally reunited but their joy was short-lived because they weren’t the only ones from that last past life who managed to find their way back.

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My review:  Oct 15, 1862: Day of the Funeral

It was the day Adam was supposed to marry Rachel, not bury her. Since the day the two met, they couldn't imagine spending a single day apart. The day Rachel went missing sent Adam in a panicked rage. The next day, the sheriff found Rachel's body, dead, murdered. Adam never got over losing Rachel, but still he lived on and died an old, retired citizen, hoping to spend eternity with Rachel; but Rachel had returned as a reincarnated life to Earth. Adam and Rachel were old souls, living their lives on Earth, searching the heavens for each other, never at the same place at the same time. They knew they were destined to be together, but endured eternities never finding each other, forever searching.

Present Day: Kerrie was tired of being the fifth wheel to her married friends. Although she was tired of kissing frogs, she was sure her Prince Charming would come for her. Inexplicably, she felt a deep connection to a famous British actor, one deemed an "old soul" to her psychic friend. While under a trance, Kerrie relives her upcoming wedding to Adam, therefore, revealing that she was the reincarnated spirit of Rachel. It was then concluded that the actor (Andy) was Adam, and it was believed that the two spirits were destined for each other.

"Love is an emotion that bonds us through the ages," but danger is never far away.

Fate should never be tampered with, but has a funny way of coming together. For Kerrie and Andy, destiny could not be escaped, especially when a reincarnated stalker intervenes, repeating the same tactics from 150 years ago. Will history repeat itself?

Story was well-written and filled with soulful, intelligent words that enticed the reader. The regressions to the past lives were interesting, making one wonder if the past will be the future. I enjoyed the suspenseful aspect of the story concerning Kerrie's publicist, James, who exhibited neurotic behaviors of hostility, aggression, and jealousy. He did everything in his power to keep the destined lovers apart, vowing that if he couldn't have her, then no one will. It was just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, pushing you to read on. Although the constant shift between characters and scenes within the same chapter were a vexing at times, the story was quite thorough yet simple.

A worthy read!

My rating: 4 stars


Later that night Andy had yet another dream about Rachel, but this one was even more disturbing than any of the others because in it, he actually witnessed the events that led up to her murder. 

The movie playing in his head showed Rachel walking along the road on her way to the dressmaker. Suddenly a young man who popped out of the bushes and stood menacingly in front of her.

Rachel seemed more annoyed than frightened as she confronted the intruder. “Martin Smith, get out of my way. I’m late for an appointment.”

“I’m sure you are,” he sneered, “and we wouldn’t want to keep your dear husband-to-be waiting, would we?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but my appointment is with the dressmaker, so if you’ll excuse me,” she said, trying to push past him.

 “Oh, that’s right. The big day is almost here, isn’t it?” he teased, blocking her way. “You’ll have to forgive my lack of enthusiasm, but for some reason I never received an invitation to the wedding. I’m sure it was just an oversight.”

“Hardly,” she shot back. “Everyone in town knows how much you hate Adam, so there was no reason to invite you.”

Martin’s face flushed at the mention of Adam’s name. “Does everyone in town know that the reason I hate him so much is because he stole you away from me?”

Kerrie was shocked that he honestly believed that. “How can you say he stole me away when I never had any interest in you in the first place?”

“That’s only because you never gave me a chance.” he countered. “I fell in love with you the day you moved into town. In fact, I was just about to ask you to dance at the church social when Adam pushed me out of the way so that he could get to you first. Just because he is the mayor’s son, he thinks he’s better than the rest of us.”

“He certainly does not!” she argued. “Adam is a kind, compassionate person, and that’s why I fell in love with him.”

“Oh really?” he asked, reaching out to take her hand. As she tried to pull away, Martin yanked the engagement ring off her finger. “You mean to say that the fact that he’s rich enough to buy you this huge diamond didn’t have anything to do with it?”

“Give it back, Martin Smith! You’re the most hateful person I know,” she cried, trying to retrieve her most prized possession, but Martin skillfully kept the ring just out of reach.
“Compared to your saintly Adam, I suppose you think I am hateful, but what you don’t understand is that I love you a hundred times more than he ever could, and it sickens me to know that tomorrow night you will be giving yourself to him body and soul.”

Embarrassed by Martin’s reference her wedding night, Kerrie tried to change the subject by demanding her ring back.

“Give it back to me right now!” she said, once again making a grab for the ring.
“It means a great deal to you, doesn’t it?” he asked thoughtfully, rolling the ring between his thumb and forefinger. Then before she could answer, he raised his arm and pitched the ring into the bushes several feet away.  “You stupid man! What have you done?” she screamed, staring helplessly into the thicket.

“Oops. It just slipped out of my fingers.” he deadpanned. “Maybe we’d better go look for it.” he said, reaching for her arm.

Kerrie tried to pull away, be he was much too strong and was easily able to guide her deeper and deeper into the bushes. When he finally found a suitable spot several hundred yards from the road, he stopped walking but didn’t loosen his grip. Instead, he pulled her closer to him.

“Let go of me.” she screamed, trying to break free. The determined look on Martin’s face  reminded her of a cat stalking a mouse.

“Not until I get what I want,” he said, eyeing Rachel up and down. “You want your ring, but I want something as well,” he said, reaching down with his free hand to unbutton his trousers. “I’m afraid your dear Adam won’t be the first one to have you,” he said, forcing her down to the ground then lowering himself on top of her. “In fact, he’s never going to have you because I’m going to be the first...and the last.”

Andy woke up in a panic to the sound of someone screaming “Nooooo!” and that someone was him. Dream or no dream, it was a terrible thing to witness such a violent act, but even more horrifying by the sudden realization that the victim in his nightmare looked exactly like Kerrie and her cold-blooded killer was the spitting image of her publicist, James.

Andy immediately reached for his phone looked up the number of the only person who could possibly tell him what the dream was all about, Ted Stephens. He hadn’t been in touch with the American psychic for a number of years, but dreaming of Rachel’s murder jarred some memories of the past life regressions Ted had once performed on him.

“Andy! I wondered when I would be hearing from you.” said Ted in a jovial voice. “I saw Kerrie Sherman several months ago and did a past life reading on her.” he explained. “I’m sure you understand that I cannot go into any great detail, but I get the impression that she might have something to do with why you’re calling?”

“I’ve got to get in touch with her because I have reason to believe she is in great danger.” said Andy, who then recounted his dream to Ted. “Kerrie was once Rachel and I was Adam, wasn’t I?” he asked. “That would explain the unpleasant encounter I had with her publicist, James, last week. I have reason to believe that he is the reincarnation of Martin Smith, the man who murdered Rachel.”

Ted listened without comment until Andy was through ranting. “Kerrie called me a couple of days ago to tell me that she did indeed meet you, and she also voiced her concerns about her publicist, but I don’t think she’s made the connection between him and Martin Smith. I think the reliving of her murder was so intense, she’s consciously blocked most of it out.”
Andy couldn’t believe how casual the psychic’s tone was, considering that Kerrie was hanging around with the lunatic who once took her life. “Didn’t you advise her to break off all ties with the guy as quickly as possible? He’s a menace.”

“I had no reason to warn her about him, Andy, because this is the first I’m hearing about the connection between her past life murderer and her current publicist, but that being said, only God can change a person’s destiny, you know that, and it would be folly to try and interfere.”
“Forget about bloody destiny!” yelled the actor. “Kerrie’s in danger and she must be warned.”

Sensing that Andy was very near the breaking point, Ted tried to calm him down. “We don’t know that for sure. Maybe because of your unpleasant encounter with James, you want to believe that he is actually the reincarnation of Martin Smith.”

“I know they’re one in the same!” shouted Andy, who was now furiously pacing back and forth. “He killed her once because of his hatred for me, and judging by his negative reaction to me when we met, I think he’s ready to do it again!”

“If you believe that to be true,” said Ted, “then I strongly suggest you stay out of Kerrie’s life. Don’t give James any reason to harm her and let fate run its course. By doing nothing you might actually save her life.”

“She knows I am Adam, doesn’t she?” he asked, knowing Ted would probably not confirm his suspicions.

Ted chose his words carefully before answering. “Even if she does, we must assume she hasn’t yet figured out James’ role in this  love triangle of long ago, and if she is meant to find out, that information must be realized on her own.”

Andy was getting more and more frustrated. “How can I just sit back and do nothing knowing she is in a perilous situation? Just seeing her the other night brought out feelings in me I never knew I was capable having, and I can’t bear the thought of losing her again.”
“How can you lose someone you haven’t really found?” asked the psychic.

“But that’s just it. I have found her, even though it was she who came looking for me.” he explained. “We met, we talked, and I was immediately drawn to her, even though I didn’t know why until a few moments ago.”

“Are you quite sure it wasn’t just the possibility of another conquest that drew you to her at the party instead of the attraction being Karmic in nature?” asked Ted. “You’ve attained quite a reputation as a ladies’ man over the past several years, and Kerrie is rather attractive. What is it they call you now? Dandy Andy?”

“Oh, for God’s sake, man!” he groaned. “I know the difference between a one-night stand and real feelings for someone, and when I met Kerrie that night, I’ll admit I was very attracted to her, but not in the carnal sense. And I certainly had no intention of asking her up to my flat to look at my bloody etchings.”

Despite the serious nature of their conversation, Ted couldn’t help but laugh at the comment, and then once again warned Andy to stay away from Kerrie.

After the phone call ended, Andy gave a great deal of thought to what Ted had to say. While he agreed somewhat with the psychic’s overall assessment that Kerrie might be just fine if he didn’t try and get in touch with her, he had a strong suspicion that James would end up harming Kerrie no matter what, because whether it was him or someone else she got involved with, the publicist would not be pleased.

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