Saturday, February 2, 2019

Review: SIGNIFICANCE by Shelly Crane

"I waited for this day, for this one thing to complete me. To wrap up seventeen and three-quarter years of my life and set a pretty bow on it in the form of a graduation cap." (7)

Maggie Masters feels sad and lonely because it seems that everyone leaves her--her mom, her boyfriend, even her father has decided to ignore her. It's horrible when your father tells you you're not good enough for anyone.

Right away she becomes infatuated with a cute boy she saved, Caleb. An instant connection envelopes them when they touch for the first time. Strange, wonderful visions appear before her. "You're the one," says Caleb in awe. Oddly fascinating. But what is an imprint, a significant? Are they meant to be? What are they? Superhuman? Aliens? They belong to each other now?

I got a kick over the severe withdraws Maggie gets whenever she and Caleb are not together. Apparently, you have to "imprint" for the sake of family survival.

I found the whole "significance" idea to be very intense. How can you crave somebody? And you have to always be with each other or you'll get sick? Like always?

After a while, you get sick of hearing all about the "significants" and the abilities one acquires after "ascension." It's basically all about how Maggie and Caleb can't be apart from each other. The only interesting twist was that Maggie could have a different "significant" in Kyle and then there was that whole rival clan wanting to stop the "ascension." Still, even this wasn't all that riveting.

An okay story.

My rating: 3 stars

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