Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Review: THREE WISHES by Lisa Manifold

Tabitha is a lonely, suppressed woman dreaming of “what-ifs.” Then, one night, a djinn appears and offers her three wishes—three chances for a do-over, to go back to a time in her life and make a different decision. Who wouldn’t want to go back and relive a certain life-altering moment?

The first wish: she gets a chance to relive a night in her 17-year old self, to a first love.

The second wish: she gets a chance to take a chance on a new love. Funny how she gets yanked out of the wish as she’s about to get it on with the guy.

I thought this story had an interesting premise with wishes and do-overs; however, I didn’t really understand her wishes or the lessons she comes up with. The wishes were pretty dull to read. The author writes them in this past/present tense that wasn’t very satisfying.

My rating: 2 stars

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