Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Review: SOPHIE LAST SEEN by Marlene Adelstein

"She’d always told her daughter that if they ever got separated, she should go back to the last place they had been together." (9) That is why Jesse continues to go back to the place where Sophie was last seen 6 years ago. Just in case Sophie would be there. Whenever she saw a teenage girl with the slightest resemblance or just a hint of the habits Sophie had, Jesse would follow. Even after a policemen handed her a pamphlet on surviving the aftermath of a missing child, one verse stood out to her the most: Never stop looking.

Now divorced and childless, Jesse was forced to remain in their family home...alone and waiting. She couldn't even be around Star, Sophie's best friend, without being reminded of her.

Unfortunately, Star knew that there was no happy ending to Sophie's disappearance with wild scenarios like torture, rape, and...murder.    

Jesse and Star have never been able to forget That Day, and their sporadic memories take the reader through intervals of happiness and darkness. At times, the scenes―scenes that were often filled with drama and heart-wrenching loss― were a little drawn-out, which tended to create a dreary monotony. I thought there were a few too many references to birds, but it made sense to have them since Sophie loved birds so much. The bulk of it mainly centers on the scarring trauma of Jesse and Star, the only ones that have never been able to move on.   

Things certainly take a turn when Star starts seeing ghostly images of Sophie. How can she be talking to Sophie? Wasn't she supposed to be dead? And why did she keep coming to her? I thought the plot would quicken at this juncture, that we would finally get down to the mystery of what happened; however, it remained stagnant on the emotional dramatic aspect. Every element revolved around the time Sophie was last seen. The story didn't really move forward to me.

Overall, the story was well-written and insightful, however, it was fairly slow and often repetitive. It was good, but I expected more.

My rating: 3 stars

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