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Excerpt: HYPNOSIS: A RETURN TO THE PAST by Maria Inês Rebelo

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Marcus Belling is a world-famous hypnotist.
For the past 20 years, many exclusive clients have benefited from his skills and desire to help people.

However, everything changes when a mysterious woman named Anne Pauline Roux knocks on his door.
She holds a rare power when hypnotized, which will affect both their lives in ways they could never imagine. Her unique power is so strong that it doesn’t stay secret for long.

Marcus’ archrival and fellow hypnotist, Josef Salvaterra, has been looking for a way to shut down Marcus’ business for years. Pauline may just give him the opportunity he’s been waiting for. If he can work this to his advantage, he could be recognised as the greatest hypnotist the world has ever seen.

With such a prize at stake, is there anything he’s not prepared to do?

Reading this book is a hypnotic process that will lead you to question the meaning of destiny and truth, and restore faith in our ability to find the good, even when we are not looking for it.



The big day arrived! Anne Pauline would finally start her
sessions with Marcus Belling and it was beyond her wildest
dreams that these appointments would change both her life
and that of Marcus Belling… forever.
The sun was shining brightly on that day. The young,
green-eyed woman was anxious for the return to her past
through regression as it could possibly open the door and
enable her to understand her anxieties. But for the moment,
it was no more than mere speculation. In fact, Anne was not
really sure if she had lived any past lives, despite her intuition
telling her that she had so. She did not know if her anxiety
was related to any traumas from the past, but her intuition
said yes to this as well. Anne was also not sure if Marcus
Belling was the right person to help her, especially after
having discovered that he was the mysterious and obscure
man of her dreams. Once more, however, her instinct was
sure: the renowned hypnotist would be able to find her lost
memories, those mementoes that made her feel lost, guilty,
anxious and incapable of defining her own identity. Maybe
she belonged to those different times that still accompanied
while asleep, especially when she dreamed. This was truly a
different dimension of life that was not always so accessible
to others.
Anne Pauline wondered how she could be healed by
someone who had created so much harm. The man in her
dreams with the same tone of voice as Marcus Belling had
put a set of questions to her every night that was making
her doubt if deserved to know her past. Was she worthy or
respectful enough? Her true self was considered to be so,
but she did not know if it was necessary to look for the help
of the famous Marcus Belling at this stage in her life. For
many years, she lived with this dilemma, up until she finally
decided to take courage and ring the bell of number 27 Sun
Anne Pauline Roux had a strange mixture of feelings.
She lived for many years with her parents in the village where
she learned to listen to the sounds of the world, and where
she admired the horizon at the end of the day; it was only
that sight which brought her peace of mind. But during the
night, everything changed. Her dreams were trying to grab
her once more, and she didn’t know if she should open the
door to the unknown. At times, she felt a lack of freedom,
as if someone had imprisoned Anne at a certain point, and
there was no space left for critical thought to develop within
her! This was the worst possible thing one could do to her.
To a certain degree, it seemed that her mind and capability
of thought were chained, even if it was hard to define this
feeling. She was also daunted by some kind of treason, even
though Anne could not really define this feeling, which
seemed lost somewhere in the remote past. The combination
of all these circumstances created a mixture of sensations
within her that was not easy to define and thus, made Anne
Pauline’s soul enormously unstable. After several years, this
discomfort made her look for help and try past life regression
with Marcus Belling. On this day, just as Anne was heading
downtown, the famous hypnotist got ready to leave home.
He kissed Patricia tenderly and made his way to the hypnosis
Marcus Belling had decided to see his friend Thaddeus
Borba before starting his sessions. The man was over 70 years
of age and Sun Avenue’s shoemaker. He was a tireless worker
who kept doing his work with the same dedication as he did
over 40 years ago, and so shared many affinities with Belling.
They had a close and friendly relationship, something
the old man did not have with all his clients. On his way
to the clinic, the famous hypnotist tried to feel all those
aromas of a summer morning. He was a regular client at the
shoemaker’s workshop and normally trusted him to repair
his shoes. Belling really liked to help all those who worked
in Sun Avenue by using their services, such as buying a good
book, an old chest of drawers or, as on this occasion, simply
having his shoes polished. This purpose led to the creation
of the ‘Sun Avenue’s Free Club’, an open organisation that
was formed years ago and brought together all those who
worked, lived or simply loved or admired the renowned
avenue. It was far from being a closed, elitist group, as all of
its members openly promoted their membership, as well as
the culture and arts that had developed in that central artery,
and its history. Marcus Belling obviously belonged to the
Club (since he believed in the open and democratic spirit of
the same) but was not its most regular member due to a lack
of time.
Georgine Gunderson had also decided to join in, but did
so to develop her research into the history of the Avenue.
Only a few knew it, but legend had it that large amounts of
gold existed under this street, which had become the heart
of the city. It was a myth such as this which was behind the
construction of the statue to the phoenix, a tribute to the
forgotten history of Sun Avenue. Maybe it was a forgotten
history by convenience, Georgine thought, for if the legend
was true, there could really be tons of gold to extract. But
she would never know if this was true and there was no
other alternative than to continue her search through local
history, with a special focus on Sun Avenue. On the same
day, Georgine returned to the shutdown city library, where
she would do more of her lonesome work.
As usual, Belling used some of his spare time to visit
Thaddeus. The shoemaker was a special person, who was
different from all the others. Just like many other clients,
Marcus Belling considered him to be one of the best
shoemakers in the entire country, as he could make each
client a special person. Everyone greatly admired him,
even though some found it sad that he would not teach his
precious knowledge to anyone who could then keep it alive.
Belling had not forgotten Thaddeus on this particular day
but he did not bring any shoes to repair this time. He just
wanted to greet him and see that remarkable smile Thaddeus
showed to every single client, as if each one was a unique
‘Good morning, Thaddeus, how do you do?’
‘Good morning, Mr Belling! You are quite early today!
What can I do for you? Do not tell me it is because of those
shoes I fixed last time! Didn’t it work?’ the shoemaker asked.
‘Do not worry, Thaddeus, I really appreciate what you
did! But today, I am not bringing you shoes, as I usually do.
I just visited to see how you are doing,’ a smiling Belling
Thaddeus was not only recognised as ‘the shoemaker
of Sun Avenue’, but also as one of the last of his generation.
In fact, he never got married nor had he any children, and
therefore, no descendants would inherit his workmanship.
To make it worse, he was the only shoemaker who played the
lute. As he sang verses on the truth about people’s lives (or
so they said), they gave him the nickname of ‘Troubadour of
Truth’. For some others, he was not a troubadour but rather
an oracle, as each of the verses contained a vision of what the
person’s future would be like. Thus, behind the appearance
of a trova, was a hidden prognosis about future times, which
often materialised, and to everyone’s knowledge, an apparent
lay hid the prospect of future events, which could very
possibly become true! Thaddeus Borba brought these up to
entertain his clients while they waited for their shoes to be
fixed, instead of asking them to take a walk while he serviced
their shoes. This innovative method made him even more
famous in the city, and brought him more and more clients!
In fact, playing the lute and singing those verses were quite
a common occurrence for him, and that’s exactly what he
did when he saw Marcus Belling on this day. Thaddeus had
known the famous hypnotist for many years and could tell
when he needed wise advice to guide him in the near future.
His words came out to the sound of the music:

It is better to know at times
Than just to wait and see
The one who will arise
Will forever change your mind.

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