Thursday, December 13, 2018

Review: SOCIALLY AWKWARD by Stephanie Haddad

Oliva is a model and actress, an army brat that’s traveled everywhere, never feeling like she belonged. Thanks to social media, she has many cyber friends.

In reality, she’s Jennifer Smith, a normal, boring, fat girl.

It all started with a sociology project and how the term “friend” has redefined online communication. She discovers that there is a correlation between perception and falsehood on the internet. An improved image plan by her doctor seems next to impossible, unless it can be created in the virtual world. Ah, an idea! And that’s when Olivia—the perfect model/actress—was born.

Soon, Jen realized that looks seem to factor greatly in the friend requests. Things take an interesting turn when an old crush sends a friend request to Olivia. Soon, Olivia’s “friends” become a tangled mess with an old crush, a hot trainer, and her sister’s gigolo. Suddenly, she’s leading a double life. We have a crush that thinks her sister is Olivia and a scheme to get “Olivia” to break up with him so Jen could have a shot. It’s a wonderfully wacky mess!

“It was nice of him to make me feel included in his virtual relationship with my fake self.” (131)

Right away, I could relate to Jen’s nerdy, self-deprecating demeanor. Her journey was fascinating in how she learns to accept herself and realize that she too is worthy.

Witty and smart! A humorous tale of internet fraud and sisterly betrayal.

My rating: 4 stars

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