Monday, December 3, 2018


Graphic Image designed by Sandra Lopez

A father's legacy. A disgruntled patient. And an unsolved murder.

Eric Darcy, an OB/GYN, never expected the outburst from one of his oldest patients. "My daughters weren't triplets...they were quadruplets." Oooh, interesting.

Although Dr. Darcy tried to pass this off as a mind trick or possible need for new glasses, he couldn't help but wonder if something had happened. Eric is then urged to search through his father's old records amidst his home's recent break-in.

Unlike a regular mystery, readers must delve into the medical scientifics to learn the history and depths of the patient's case. I thought the case of this missing quadruplet was a fascinating premise. Story was well-written and contains a certain degree of complexity. In fact, perhaps it was a little too complex. The number of characters in the story made it harder to keep tabs on it. It just seemed that this mystery was too convoluted and somewhat lagging. Mystery readers might enjoy the puzzling complexity and the scientific approach, but, personally, I would've liked this to have been more simplified.

My rating: 2.5 stars

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