Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Review: LEGAL AFFAIRS by Sawyer Bennett

Through a drunken dare, McKayla joins “One Night Only,” an expensive escort services that promises to fulfill a night of pure ecstasy with a complete stranger…for one night only. Her first was perfectly gorgeous #134. The whole premise started off kinda fun and sexy. After a night of wild, unbridled passion, the two part ways the next morning with a promise to never see each other again.

A struggling lawyer, McKayla soon realized that her company was bought out under the umbrella of a larger firm and her new boss is none other than #134 in the sinful flesh. While flashbacks of that wild night run rampant through her mind, McKayla still manages to maintain her professional image and work for her boss, Matt.  It doesn’t take long for the two to engage in “legal affairs”—with hard slams on the desk and all. Still, this is Matt, the cold shark. He doesn’t take to feelings and always believes in professionalism. Such a dicey situation for McKayla, especially when she starts to think that there may be more between them. That’s when she realizes that she’s having “wonderfully hot sex with an emotionally closed man.” It’s so bad…yet so GOOD. 

Matt was brutally honest when he tells he that he thinks with his d#ck, not his heart, which makes him a fantastic, bulldog lawyer. The lawyer biz is a vicious battle while two headstrong characters engage in a fierce love/hate relationship, in which they hate to love and they love to f#ck. It’s certainly a rocky affair from start to finish, but what a trip it is.

Can McKayla break through his steel barriers that surround his fragile heart?
Well-written and enticing.

My rating: 4 stars

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