Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Review: A DREAM FOR TWO by Kate Goldman

Elise Roberts dreams of being a pop star but has been stuck in her hometown since she graduated from high school. Her life seems achingly dull and mapped out when she’s suddenly laid off from the offices where she works as a secretary. With her faithful guitar Elise moves to New York where she takes up waitressing but sings at open mic nights. One night she meets the charismatic Dylan, who is the lead singer for his up-and-coming band. Dylan oozes charm but also arrogance and Elise initially dislikes him. As they vie for attention each night on the same open mic circuit, they come into conflict with one another, but beneath this conflict they harbor more intense feelings for one another. Just as Elise and Dylan have fallen head-over-heels in love, their dreams come true and each of them strikes a deal with a famous record label. Now they are being torn apart by their careers and begin to question whether their success is worth anything if they are not together. Can Dylan and Elise’s new love survive the strain of their burgeoning careers and is either of them willing to sacrifice their dream for the sake of their relationship?

My thoughts: Elise is a wanna-be star who's just been laid off.

The story had the pretext of a country music rags-to-riches tale. You have a girl from a small town trying to make it in a big city and be a star. Yeah, because being a star is so easy, right? It reminded me of that sweet drama movie, "Pure Country 2" or even
"Coyote Ugly." Let's face it, they were all sweet, innocent, naive girls who thought they possessed a great talent unlike no other. The truth is: the world is tough and not everyone is a star.

A simple story of determination and finding your passion,  A DREAM FOR TWO felt like a rehash of a  typical "Big Dreamer" movie.  Not that I don't believe in chasing dreams (no matter how far-stretched some are,) it's just that I've heard it before and I know how it ends.

This was an okay story about a girl and her dreams with love in the mix. Typical.

The interesting spin, however, was the complicated stress of the music industry affecting the new "high" of the couple's love. If you ask me, everything--the love, the stardom--
was just happening so fast. How can one be in love and be a star? Apparently, you can't have both. Additionally, there was little empathy with these characters, which made me not really care whether they were together or not, which made it that much more dull.

My rating: 2.5 stars

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