Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Review: LOVE TO ME by Elizabeth Doherty

The child of successful actors, Lena Mays has one goal: to prove to her family she can be a star. After years of being compared to her talented sisters, she finally has a chance to prove herself when she’s cast in her first Broadway show. It’s the perfect part in the perfect show with the perfect cast… Well, perfect except for one thing. The minute she meets goofy Toby, she can tell they won’t get along. He’s not serious and not nearly focused enough. How is she supposed to focus on a Broadway career when Toby is always messing around?

Toby Pritchard is the luckiest guy alive. He’s got great friends, supportive parents, and he has finally been cast in his first Broadway show, after years of chasing his dream. His life couldn’t be better, until one day, he literally stumbles into the most beautiful woman in the world, and he realizes what he’s been missing. Lena is gorgeous and passionate. He can’t get enough of her, even though she can’t stand him. He needs to find a way to make her see him.

After a near accident, sparks begin to fly between Lena and Toby. But could Lena’s ambition and Toby’s quest for the perfect life ruin everything? Can love survive the cutthroat behind-the-scenes world of Broadway?

My review: Lena Mays has finally gotten a chance to prove herself on Broadway. Toby has also always wanted a role. Now the two are cast in a big musical. It's the World of Broadway!

Life in a musical certainly was rigorous and daunting at times. I mean, all the hours and rehearsal time and again. Of course, the main characters are cast as co-stars, and, at first, they didn't really get along, but they eventually grow on one another.

Story was simple and easy-to-read. While working on the show, the characters relive some of their past hope and angst concerning stardom. Readers get a gander of what sparked their love of performance and how they got here. Drama is all around in this aspiring, little tale―both on stage and off. Love and emotion work side-by-side. Although the story was a bit lagging at times, the characters do have a certain chemistry and their hard work certainly leaps off the page.

Good if you like love and musicals.

My rating: 3 stars

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