Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Review: THE CONTRACT by Elizabeth Kelly

Every few months, the PA’s would be shifted among the lawyers at a high-end New York law firm, and it was Mae’s turn to PA for the ruthless Liam Knight. Still, no matter how much of a jackass he was known to be, Mae still harbored this lustful crush on the hot bastard. Even though she figured she was not his type with her cellulite thighs, fat stomach, and big boobs, there was no harm in fantasizing.

A slip causing a twisted ankle was all it to make her realize the Alpha in Liam Knight, making her want him even more if that’s at all possible. He just took charge of her care by driving her home, taking her car into the mechanic, stocking her fridge with food, wrapping her ankle, and carrying her to bed. It was kind of nice and annoying how Liam was fussing over her. Of course, one would wonder why complain when a rich, gorgeous millionaire is doting on your every move. Yes, that part is nice, but it’s annoying how he just takes over. So domineering, so alpha, so…BOSSY. Well, he is her boss after all. Still, Mae is known to be bossy too, especially when it comes to the boudoir. Soon, she realized what a submissive Alpha male he is with his begging and pleading to touch her and do things to her. Mae is bossy and he seems to like it.

In the midst of this constant foreplay and her “no touch-no masturbating” rule, the two contend with a gossiping columnist, who blatantly calls her fat and him a chubby chaser. It kinda makes you wonder exactly how fat she really was. I mean, yes, she’s snarky, witty, and rough around the edges, but I couldn’t stand how bossy she got.

I mean, was this it? Was this story nothing but sexual and domineering foreplay? Not only that, but I thought the two characters weren’t good together at all. And where does the contract come in? I mean, that was the title of the book. Shouldn’t there be some type of “arrangement?”

I just got tired with this book.

My rating: 2 stars

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