Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Review: CONNEXIONS by T. Mariano

“The dating site had made it easy to find these women. Their profiles revealed more than they knew; he could always spot the vulnerable ones. He was amazed at how quickly they agreed to meet him alone. Only three dates and they were his. He silently thanked ConneXions.” (4)

Stephanie is a mother of two and trapped in a loveless marriage. Good thing that there was ConneXions to seek out hungry men to help her fill the void. Without that odd drink and occasional affair to keep her sanity, who knows what she’d do?  

Jenny just needed to feel different from her old persona—to touch and be touched. She was tired of the liars and cheaters.

Both women were perfect prey for Kyle, who can never seem to quench his thirst of seeing that last bit of life drain away.

Dana is a PhD student in clinical psychology seeking an understanding behind these internet dating sites and why women stray in her thesis, “The Relationship between Infidelity and Low Self-Esteem.” Of course, she was no better with her sensual fantasies of her professor.

Told in the POV of all these characters, story provides a brief snapshot behind loneliness and dangers of intimate encounters. Mariano does a great job with words, describing the sinking feeling and utter despair along with the adrenalin of fear and evil passion. You can definitely empathize. There was a certain lag at times, making me wish it would pick up the pace a little, especially when it came to Dana’s interviews; however, the core of the story keeps the reader going. It deals more with the psychological issues of the characters rather than a hunt for a killer, so it wasn’t the suspenseful thriller I would’ve liked.

Quick and intriguing, ConneXions is a pretty good read.


My rating: 3.5 stars

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