Friday, September 8, 2017


This is the story of Jane, a single gal from Manchester working at a floral shop.

Written in diary format, the story provides a simple, enlightening glimpse into the life of a genuine, hardworking girl, who is just trying to make the best of it. Yet, it would seem that she goes to bed with a headache every night. Well, of course, with an annoying boss up your “arse” and taking nightcaps with vapid friends would surely give anyone a headache.

Jane was a fairly quirky and relatable character, but I wasn’t all that impressed with her story, which outlined her day-to-day tasks and activities—most of which were menial and offered little substance to the plot. Of course, we all feel like punching our boss in the nose sometimes. But Jane basically feels confused and directionless about her life, especially since all her friends are getting engaged and having kids. It would seem that it was a freaking epidemic. But who says you have to follow the crowd? I kind of wished that Jane was a little stronger and little more confident. It just seemed like she was down on her life a lot of the time. Yes, we all get depressed, but the thing that bothered me was Jane complaining about her life and doing nothing about it. In fact, I’d say the meat of the story revolved more on the happenings (A.K.A the drama) of Jane’s boss, family, and friends, which is odd considering that this is supposed to be about Jane.

Like I said, I wasn’t too keen on this story, but it wasn’t terrible. There were some amusing anecdotes here and there, but, overall, this was just okay.


My rating: 3 stars

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