Friday, September 8, 2017


This is a collection of 3 books starrring a P.I. named Michael Archangel and his assistant, Kelly Kinki.

Ghostly Murder (Book 1): Okay, why would they call this a "ghostly murder" if there was no ghost? Probably because this involved the dead of a fish czar, who was murdered from inside a locked room. Of course, this could only be solved the brilliant detective, Archangel, who was also a 6 foot transvestite. How about that? No wonder Kelly hated her job so much and she contends with it in a sassy, witty fashion. The story started off with a wealth of humor and wit; however, the assistant didn't do anything and Archangel solved the case way too fast. In fact, the whole thing was only 3 chapter, making it way too short.

Immortal Eyes (Book 2): A killer is gouging out the eyes of his victims. Yikes! The premise was interesting, but the story was slow and complex. This particular one was way too long.

Deadly Vision (Book 3): In this story, I couldn't really get past the kinky sex dream Kelly was having about her boss. I guess her name suits her after all.

Overall Impression: This box set was a huge dissapointment. I mean, the assistant really doesn't do anything. I thought she was going to have a hand in solving these crimes. And what makes her so extraordinary? She's not a psychic or a witch or anything. I thought that, judging by the intriguing titles, this would have a supernatural element. But they didn't. Yes, you have a quirky duo in Kelly and Archangel, but the cases were just so dull, even with their snazzy personality and humor. Archangle was a brilliant detective, as they said, but he was way too cocky for my taste.

My rating: 2 stars

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