Thursday, January 19, 2017

Review: SECOND CHANCES SOULMATE by Racheal Lachman

Samara had just woken up from her one-night stand. That's interesting!

Being born into the Indian heritage, Samara fears her inebriated behavior would upset her overbearing, temperamental father and bring disgrace to her family name. And that was why she aimed never to see or speak of Hunter ever again, especially since he was an arrogant, conceited jerk. Still, she can't help they way he turns her on. He was definitely an alluring mystery. If only she didn't have this pesky arranged marriage. What was the point of playing the happy bride when it felt like her world was ending?

It was a little hard to keep track of some of the characters (Niall, Sahir, Nisha, Sanjana - I lost track of who was who, truthfully.) There may have been too many characters in the book. Mehndi Night (I don't know what that is - the wedding, maybe?) was an all-around confusing day.

I guess the most confusing part of the story was the constant shift in time. The first chapter indicated a time frame of 3 years ago before the prologue; but then another chapter specifies a time 3 years ago from that. So where are we? When is this?

The concept was interesting, and I liked the way it started off, but I felt like I was trying to figure the story out most of the time. The romance was pretty compelling, but I just got lost in all the mayhem. I think the story could've benefited more with a simpler design.

My rating: 2.5 stars

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