Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: CHILDISH GAMES by Jacqueline Francis

Tyler and Trisha have had a rocky relationship for 3 years. Now, she’s engaged to someone else, but Tyler can’t shake that she must still love him, even though he never told her that.

So he has 6 months ‘til the wedding—6 months to break them up.

Jordan is a single gal, who has been working as Tyler’s accountant for a few years. She’s “lanky, weird, slightly psycho Jordan,” according to Tyler, which is why he would never think of pretending to date her—but it may be the only way to get Trisha back and Jordan seemed to be the perfect candidate with no attachments and no complications, thus, marking the beginning of “childish games.”

Book was outlined in a series of tasks: plot, execution, the date, the aftermath, the mistake, a little bump in the road, etc.

Readers will enjoy Tyler’s floundering attempts to complete his mission, especially when he tries to ask out Jordan and could not help but stare at her breasts. Classic! Best part about it was that Jordan noticed his ogling and didn’t take any crap about it. My eyes are up here! I liked Jordan. She’s prompt, efficient, and skilled—always the professional— but she’s also smart, savvy, and up-front, and she knows that Tyler is up to something and is determined to find out.

Cute, witty, and funny! You’ll love how these two skirt around each other to uncover hidden agendas, until they look up and notice something they didn’t see before. He sees that Jordan’s not like Trisha—so un-normal and ordinary—and Tyler is not the arrogant a-#hole she thought he was. Of course, the all-mighty Princess Bride Trisha is not buying any of it. How could this be? He’s Mr. Billionaire and she’s Plain Jane. It’s a regular She’s All That, and these cliques are about to have a showdown. It’s a wonderfully awkward union of geek and chic.

Not only is the story funny, but the characters have an endearing vulnerability that opens up their hearts and complicates matters even more. I mean, there’s nothing more complicated than falling for your boss!

A worthy comedy-romance!

My rating: 5 stars

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