Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: DIRTY LIKE ME by Jaine Diamond

Katie was a 24-year old spinster with an “old lady” apartment (vinyl music, cord phone, no TV.) So, naturally, she never heard of Jesse Mayes, “the hottest guy in the known universe” and lead singer of the band, Dirty. When the two laid eyes on each other, sparks flew. It’s no wonder that he would want her to play his girlfriend in an upcoming music video. There’s only one problem: fake make-outs and simulated sex are not really Katie’s forte. Yet, somehow, she got thrown into this mix.

Once done with the video, Katie that it would be the end of it and she’d never hear from Jesse Mayes again. Wrong! Now he’s asked her to go on tour with him. What!? That would be kind of awkward. But for $200K? With that, she can get a real art studio, be an artist without having to starve for it. Hell yeah!

What is it about rock ‘n roll musicians that make them so...yummy?

Written in the POV of both Katie and Jesse, story takes the reader through backstage scenes of a hot, whirlwind romance. Katie soon finds that underneath the glitz and glamour, there is actually a human side to the bad-boy rock star. But can she trust her heart again? After being dumped at the altar, she was afraid to put herself out there. Lucky for her, Jesse draws her in like a moth to a flame. Still, the girl can try to resist, even though it's slowly killing her. The wager between them to see who could hold out the longest was pretty amusing.

As the title indicates, this book is dirty. There are some provocative scenes--scenes that'll make you blush-- but, hey, this is a romance. Story was pretty erotic. I don't mind sex scenes, as long as it doesn't take away from the story, which it doesn't.  Eventually, Katie wonders if this could mean something more. But this was a business deal--a job fulfilled by a contract--and nothing more. When the tour is done, what would they say? Good-bye?

Full of raw inhibitions and human emotions. Author crafted a romance with a delicious blend of sweet and spicy.

A sensual romance that’ll rock your world!

My rating: 4 stars

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