Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: THE MAN AT THE RIALTO BRIDGE by Janet Simcic

After her husband leaves her, Olivia is going on a 12-day European cruise with her perfect sister and dying mother. The goal was to bond again, but Olivia has an ulterior motive for going. She was going to meet with her Italian father—her real father.

On the ship, she meets a man named Tony, who is an undercover agent working to expose a virus conspiracy. The two are mysteriously intrigued by each other.

The author has a talent for drawing out human emotion and natural flaws from her characters. Each one battles with the past in his or her own way. The best part was the palpable connection between Olivia and her birth father, but family drama and emotional toil surround it in mayhem.  For me, this was mainly the highlight of the whole book. The plot concerning the virus and foreign terrorism was merely an appendage. It deterred from what I really wanted to learn about—the truth about “the man at the Rialto Bridge.”

Story is full of secrets, mystery, and drama. Characters are true-to-life, portraying frailty and strength, as they attempt to re-connect and forgive. It’s a story of loss and love. 

Another well-written and heart-felt work by Janet Simcic!

My rating: 4 stars

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