Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Review: TAKE THE BODY AND RUN by Jada Ryker

My name is Macey Malloy. My world is chaotic. In the midst of mysterious deaths and scary happenings, you’ll be meeting a very diverse group of people. You’ll also be right here with me as I start my new job as the Employee Relations director at a university. You would think with that job title, I’d be better with people. But no.

On her first day at work, Macey gets accosted by an enraged widow, who claims the university caused her husband’s suicide. Could it be because Macey was a dead ringer for the last Employee Relations director?

Story was a little slow on the up-keep. First of all, I thought it had way too many characters to keep track of. You would think that I’d remember them all considering they were introduced at the beginning of the book like some playwright script; but I didn’t. Second, how interesting could the life of an Employee Relations director be? It’s really not. I felt like I was muddling through most of it, and I was waiting (hoping, really) for somebody to die already.

There were some traces of biting wit, but it wasn’t enough to sustain the story. There were a few things that could’ve been simplified more, like the list of characters, for instance. Also, I wish we would’ve gotten to the nitty-gritty faster rather than whittle through banalities.  

My rating: 2.5 stars

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