Monday, December 12, 2016

Amelia Morgan Box Set Read

The Witches of Enchanted Bay (Book 1)
This is the beginning of the series. Meg Walton is a donut-making witch with real magical powers. She actually makes magic donuts. Cool! The opening launch for a fitness guru brings all kinds of chaos and drama, then the guru turns up dead. Now this donut-making witch turns sleuth, especially when one of her best friends is accused of the murder. Good thing she has her magic to help her out.

Axe to the Grind (Book 2)
Is it really necessary to rehash parts from book 1? I guess, if you’ve never read it. In this book, a theater production has been shut down, bringing about a slew of enemies. Now there’s a dead body, and, again, one of Meg’s friends is accused of the murder.

Killer Twist (Book 3)
Murder + Mystery + Witches = Interesting tale

Like Bewitched, Meg’s powers allow her to complete the most menial tasks, like feeding the cat and opening a gate. Now, her friend, a famous author, was dead. Could it have anything to do with the upcoming book she was about to publish, one that would shed an unflattering light on a rich and powerful family?

A Bewitching Murder (Book 4)
A friend has committed suicide, but Meg doesn’t seem to think so. Funny how the boyfriend is not as grief-stricken as one would think. Murder? A conspiracy on diet pills? This one was actually a better mystery than the first three books.

A Riddle of a Murder (Book 5)
Her mom’s friend is found dead and Meg is the only one capable of solving the case. This one had a séance, conjuring up the dead friend. A lot of use that use since the ghost couldn’t really remember much. At least, Meg used some of her magic against the killer.

The Nuts and Bolts of Murder (Book 6)
Meg’s neighbor is found dead and, again, she’s on the case. This one actually leads to another dead body, so we have 2 dead bodies. She better figure this one out before another one is killed off.

Overall:  This collection was a good read for a cold, cloudy day. They are quick and cozy. Meg was a very smart cookie in these cases, plus she’s a witch! Who doesn’t think witches are cool? I loved how she used her magic spells. The thing was that all of them were pretty much the same with little to no variation. They repeated the same tactics, plots, phrases, and conclusions. For example, the time of death was always between eleven and midnight; the suspects had no alibis; Meg always said, “I know who killed (name)”; there was always an emotional confession in the end; and Meg and Connor always toasted each solved case with a donut.  Additionally, the murders were so neat and tidy, making it way too easy for Meg and not making as stimulating for the reader. I mean, I appreciated the simplicity of the investigation, but the endings were very anticlimactic.

My rating: 3 stars

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