Friday, July 15, 2016

Review: SOPHIE’S SECRET by Tara West

Bound by their gifts, A.J., Krysta, and Sophie are best friends attending high school. A.J. has visions, Krysta sees the dead, and Sophie is telepathic.

Together, the three go to school and contend with the traditional teenage angst and drama while dealing with their gifts, which seem to be growing stronger.

Sweet, shy, formerly fat Sophie never felt comfortable in her own skin. For once, she would like the boy she’s crushing on to notice her. How would she do that and hide the fact that she can hear thoughts?

Story brought me back to the memories of high school. I always hated when people put their feet on my desk, too. It was relatable as far as knowing what it’s like to crush on someone, to have “enemies,” to fight and stand up for yourself, to hate teachers that embarrass you, etc.

I thought that Sophie was too naïve to think that Jacob (boy she likes) was too cute and too perfect. He wasn’t. He was just using her to get out of detention and cheat on his tests. But, yet, she still liked him. Sophie was nice, but she was too nice. And her ability to hear other people’s thoughts only enabled her to want to help them.

I honestly thought this would be more of a mystery/thriller, but it was mostly drama. But the story was good though—relatable, quick, and easy.

My rating: 4 stars

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