Friday, July 15, 2016

Review: JENNY POX by J.L. Bryan

Avoid her like the plague.

After reading Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper, I was looking forward to reading another story by J.L. Bryan.

Jenny, nicknamed “Jenny Pox,” has a rare anomaly: her touch causes sores and blisters similar to the chicken pox, and they can be deadly. Ever since then, she wears long sleeves and avoids getting close to anyone. Of course that doesn’t make school any easier, especially when you’re on the outs with the meanest, most popular girl in school. Right away you feel for poor Jenny and you hope that the mean, bossy Ashleigh gets hers in the end. I had a feeling the finale would mirror a scene right out of Carrie, with Jenny’s powers wrecking havoc on the school. That would’ve been awesome.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really turn out that way. About half way through the book, the story gets complicated and weirder. It completely deviates from Jenny Pox and expands to other paranormals in the small hick town. Apparently Seth and Ashleigh have a similar yet different touching power (Seth heals and Ashleigh can transfer pleasure.) What kind of freaks are these kids?

It was nice seeing Jenny and Seth (total opposites in their powers) getting closer, but, again, certain parts in the story lagged with too many useless details on background scenes (I skimmed over these for the most part.)

I just feel that the story revolved more on religion and spiritual healing/destruction. It wasn’t what I expected. I think the Ghost Trapper series was better.

My rating: 3 stars

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