Friday, July 15, 2016

Review: SAY WHEN by Tara West

When sex with your fiancé is making you vomit, then you know that spells out “doom.”

Christina had just about had enough. Her job was to marry into wealth and “disregard his foul breath, little penis, and short temper.” (12) But she was sick and tired of her boorish, bossy fiancé, and she wanted nothing more than her freedom. She wanted something more.

On top of that, her BFF is “a terrible parent, a lousy daughter, and can’t hold a job to save her life.” (17) “Not only was my friend a slut, but she was a stupid slut.” (23) She was a bad influence on Christina and liked to boss her around to. Yes, Christina definitely needed to eliminate these people.

Then, on the worst night of her life, Christina literally bumps into André, the sexy, Latin stud. Oooh La La!

But André was supposed to be a hot one-night stand, not husband material (he was a poor mechanic, after all.) Can Christina defy the expectations imposed by her overbearing mother and follow her heart for once?

The two have an amazing chemistry and a sweet connection that lasts throughout the book. However, the two also suffer from old wounds and personal demons.

Candid and humorous, this spicy love story is full of lovable and relatable characters that you root for from page 1.

My rating: 4 stars

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