Friday, July 8, 2016

Review: LIKE FATHER, LIKE DAUGHTER by Christina Morgan

“Blood everywhere. It was all over me, too. The sound that came out of me after a few seconds of shocked silence was akin to that of an animal caught in a trap. I didn’t even think I was capable of making such a sound, but then again, I’d never discovered the man I loved murdered only inches away from me.” (2)

Imagine waking up next to a bloody, dead body and having no idea what happened. That’s the nightmare that Libby woke up to.

“Maybe I was too emotionally and physically drained. I guess back then I still believed in the system and that all that mattered was that I knew in my heart I hadn’t killed my own husband. At least, I was pretty sure I hadn’t.” (6)

Libby discovering the body and describing the shock in gruesome detail was a very good starting point, but then it deviated to the slow pace of standard protocol. Of course, that is the normal procedure when dealing with murder. Still, the character depicted the story with judicious finesse.  

Written in the POV of Libby, story delves into the mad and inquisitive ranting of a grieving widow while a killer runs free. But could Libby be the killer? Could she have done it and not remember? Could she be following in her father’s footsteps with the sadistic practice of murder?

The whole book plays out as a series of day-to-day entries following Libby’s indictment for the murder of her husband. Reader will be by her side as she faces detectives, lawyers, reporters, and potential suspects, trying to justify her innocence and fight for her freedom while ultimately trying to find the truth. What really happened that night?

But will she able to solve it in time? Before she gets a life sentence or…the death penalty?

A juicy, well-written mystery!

My rating: 4 stars

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