Friday, July 8, 2016

Review: DIAL L FOR LYNDA by Tracey Jane Jackson & Amanda Washington

Welcome to Linda and Lynda Detective Agency! Actually, they’re not really an agency, but they’re some pretty fine sleuths.

Harley and Addison are two of a kind, best friends since 6th grade. Harley is a beauty with a heart of gold and Addison is a spunky chick with a gun. The origin behind “Lynda” and the reason Addison uses it was interesting.

On the day that Harley gets fired from her job, she and Addison have a girl’s night out. The next day Harley is arrested for murder. What!? But the best part was the dead guy was her former boss. Oh, snap!

“That’s crazy.” And complete BS, because my bestie was smart. If she was going to kill anyone, she’d call me and set up an alibi.” (25)

Now the two, along with Addie’s smart lawyer brother and one HOTTIE detective, will do whatever it takes to prove her innocence. I enjoyed the witty foreplay between Addison and the detective. Ooh, that Jake was smooth and crafty!

The book had a great cast of characters, but I’d have to say that I related to Harley the most because she was a gal born on the wrong side of the tracks, always struggling to scrape up her pennies in life, and fighting tooth and nail to make her own way in the world. Of course, I certainly wouldn’t mind having rich “crazy, generous,” friends like Addie and Ash.

Told in the POV of these two zany broads, Dial L for Lynda is wacky murder mystery full of lovable characters and witty humor, and snarky repartee.

It’s Mission: Impossible meets Outrageous Fortune. A wildly fun read!

My rating: 5 stars

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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)