Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Review: REEJECTTLLON: A NUMBER TWO by Daniel Clausen

Alright, my first reaction was: What kind of title is that? REEJECTTLLON? What?

What is ReejecttIIon? ReejecttIIon is that which is not fit for the mainstream that work of fiction that is outside standardized thought, cultural hegemony, the dominant ideology, or any other label that represents what others admire and which this book is not; it is also, ironically, outside the subversive language I just used to subvert the mainstream; it is indifferent to the critique of the mainstream because it is too cool for that critique; thus it is the critique of the critique of the mainstream. The critique of the critique of the critique of the mainstream is called ReejectIIIon.


It would seem that these guys were just making sh#t up.

The whole book was satirical skit of rejection in the forms of letters, idea pitches, cartoons, and flash fiction.

Some of this stuff was kind of funny, but most of it was just plain weird and I didn’t get it.

Not that I have anything against dark/weird comedies. In fact, I would almost classify this book as MAD Libs for authors.

My rating: 3 stars

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