Friday, July 15, 2016


Ellie Jordan is a ghost trapper, plain and simple. She’s an investigator with a degree in psychology and an understanding of the paranormal—a true professional of her work. She’s also smart and intuitive, which are two other important assets going for her. On top of that, she also knows kickboxing, although I don’t know how that comes in handy when dealing with ghosts.

The ghost case she works on seems exciting and scary all at once. Her cases involve a lot of scientific knowledge and complicated tools. You may not understand all the schematics behind the investigation, which are very detailed, but the case is compelling and frightening enough to continue the story.

I also thought the author might have been too detailed in describing landscapes. I mean I get that certain scenes were meant to spook the readers (and they do!), but we didn’t need every minute detail of a plain, old house, especially when there was nothing going on (no ghost activity whatsoever.) Reader, nonetheless, will appreciate the historical background of the mystery as well as the dark, finely-tuned writing style.

This was a thrilling and creepy ride. It’s a must-finish if you ever start it.  

An interesting ghost story!

My rating: 4 stars

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