Thursday, June 23, 2016

Review: DEMONS FROM MY PAST by J.L. Leslie

Working for your father when you haven’t spoken to him in years? Oy! Where do you fit in a girl with tattoos in the corporate executive world?

On the eve before she begins work for her father, Kingsley shares a heart-stopping kiss with an alluring stranger. But who was he? It turns out he’s one of the suits she has to work with at her father’s company. Double Oy!

I like Kingsley’s strong will and determination. I mean, who doesn’t like a challenge, especially when you were expected to fail? Kingsley knows that she was a wild child and she made some mistakes. Her only hope is to redeem herself in the eyes of those she has wronged, namely her father, and be free from the term “junkie.” Basically, this is all about a girl facing the demons from her past as neatly and succinctly as possible. Paxton might be just the thing she needs to help her get through it, but he also demons of his own. No doubt that the two had a sizzling attraction for each other. Of course Paxton would end up being Kingsley’s new drug (I liked the metaphor, by the way.) I found it slightly bothersome that the POV kept changing. I mean, I thought it was going to be strictly in the POV of Kingsley, until we suddenly switched to Paxton.

A short, quick read. In fact, it was a little too quick—very cut-and-dry. Nonetheless, story had some sweet, endearing moments—as well as a few fun surprises—which rates it a decent read.

My rating: 3.5 stars

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