Thursday, June 23, 2016

Review: TAME ME by J.L. Leslie

$70K for a housekeeper? More like a personal slave with all the requirements on the job. But Wren needs the money to help with her sister’s medical bills. But who would’ve thought Mr. Zane would be a gorgeous millionaire? The two are instantly captivated by one another. So what happens when boss and servant give in to their desires?

Like the previous book, this is written in he said/she said fashion; but unlike before, it has a better flow. Love scenes were sizzling, but they can be somewhat vulgar. Personally, I prefer a cleaner romance. Not that I have a problem with sex scenes, I just don’t like them too graphic. Generally, though, I enjoyed the connection between the two characters, but I felt the love between maid and boss shared the same story line as a porno flick, especially when you hear dominant phrases like “You belong to me” by Mr. Zane, a name often called out by Wren. At times, his relentless pursuit to overpower her leads to some aggressive lovemaking.  I guess “Tame Me” was more than just the title; it was pretty much the whole theme.

Short and quick, this is a simple, sensual romance.

My rating: 3 stars 

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