Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Review: THE STORY OF AWKWARD by R.K. Ryals

“If you are looking for a happy book about beautiful people, this is the wrong story…This story is ugly.” (Prologue)

This story is about a girl named Peregrine, a shy, introverted girl with glasses and an imperfect life, a life mirrored in the World of Awkward—a fantasy world created by her, inspired by the people she knows. This was Perri’s “easy button” to life, this was a place where she was accepted AS IS.

Known to doodle on everything, Perri departs for college. Then comes the moment where your fantasy world becomes real. So, like Dorothy and Alice, Perri inexplicably gets whisked away to the Land of Oz or Wonderland, where up was down and day was night. Strange.

“This world is built on awkwardness, on the idea that there is someplace where it’s okay to be different. Where it’s okay not to be perfect…This world lives in more than one imagination. It was simply your hand that finally gave it a face.” (44)

I wanna live in Awkward!

But Awkward is in danger, being destroyed by an evil sorceress named Perfection. I love the irony! Who would want to be perfect? Who would want to be a stereotype? The mission: To save Awkward.

At first, the idea of fairies, trolls and princesses sounds cheesy, but this story is far from it. It’s a delightfully wild and gallant adventure with heart.

In the mist of peril, Perri confronts her darkest fears and buried memories filled with heartache. A very real and touching story!

Story supports individuality, self-assurance, and, most of all, awkwardness. It’s a heaping pile of silliness, wit, and fun. It’s a bleak and blissful reminder that the child—joyous and fragile—inside never dies. This is an inspiration to “embrace your awkwardness.”

My rating: 5 stars

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