Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Review: THE SHE CODE by Chris Marie Green

Mandy is a girl who is into comics and refers to her admission of pop culture as "going into geek mode." So, basically, she's a nerd. I like her!

The She Code mirrors the lives of wild wolves and the world is full of them. Just like when you were in school, work has their groups. Well, working for a company that publishes comics, you have your "all-male artist" (of course,) number crunchers, and female admin. Mandy is a receptionist. "Witness an art degree in action." "Women are still a minority in this industry, since comics have a rep for catering to boys and their toys." (19) So relatable! 

You can't help but adore Mandy. She's quirky, funny, smart, and imaginative, but she's also shy, especially when it comes to boys. She's like a child whose idea of fun is watching TV in her jammies or playing video games. Too cool! But, just like the rest of us, she has fears and doubts. "Once I put the professional blue pencil to paper, I'd have to face the questions: What if I wasn't good enough? What if I couldn't get beyond run-of-the-mill and into something better?" (63) Ah, the struggle of an artist is all too real.

I also loved the comics in the book. I especially liked that her comic book character, Luka, inspired her to be brave. "Mandy Halsey, head in the clouds, stuck on so much fantasy in her life because reality killed." (175)

This is an engaging tribute to girl power! Witty, endearing, and inspires you to "do what you wanna do."

My rating: 5 stars

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