Wednesday, February 3, 2016


First off, why would you want to crash a funeral? Why go at all? Weird.

But 16-year old Kait Lenox loves funerals and, yes, it does make her a freak. But, hey, she's doing what she loves--reading, watching movies, crashing funerals. I like her!

"You never knew where life would take you or when it would be taken from you. Carpe Diem, you know?" (LOC 122)

Kait is quirky and little neurotic; she likes to ramble senselessly, especially when she's nervous. She's basically a "social pariah" in high school.

Then a faux pas at a funeral turns into a murder investigation with a gorgeous guy. But, for Kait, it's not just a chance to be near the all-popular and beautiful Ethan, it's a chance to catch a real killer.

The possibility of a murder is interesting and hooks the reader. And as more murders dressed as heroin overdoses occured, the more opportunity there was for funeral crashing.

I liked that Kait treats the investigation with precision, craft, and smarts. I especially liked that she references books and teen movies to get her point across. And I agree that a guy that reads is super sexy!

The story is a fun mystery that embraces the whole teen awkwardness.

My rating: 4 stars


TBD: "Adventures of Graveyard Girl"

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