Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review: PHONE KITTEN by Marika Christian

Emily Winters is a frumpy, mousy, chubby woman trying to be a columnist. I’d be pissed if someone stole my piece. Of course, now people know who she is—as the girl that freaked out at her boss and got fired. She’s not invisible anymore.

So now she needs a new job. How about a phone sex operator? I love that she gets help and training from her gay best friend. Who would’ve thought that she’d be good at it?

What I didn’t like was that there were too many rules to the phone sex gig, which is why she had to quit that company and move on to Phone Kittens. The most intriguing part was that one of her clients ends up dead—murdered, actually. Could Emily be a possible suspect? Well, she was the last one to see him alive, even though the rules specifically state NOT to meet your clients in person. She has to figure this out and clear her name (albeit phony name.)

Phone Kitten is on the case. The fat, mousy chick with the sexy voice will stop at nothing to solve it.

A compelling and witty mystery!

Witty, relatable, and funny!


My rating: 4 stars

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