Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review: THE 7TH TAROT CARD by Valerie Clay

Victoria, A.K.A. “Vic,” is a 40-ish seeker in search of self-improvement, the meaning of life, and the perfect man. Good luck!

She wants to live life, not lie down and die, and there’s nothing wrong with that. She’s always trying to meet “the one” through online dating, and, unfortunately, they haven’t all gone too well. Vic is a witty and quirky character that you’ll relate to.

Sometimes what gets her through the day is her three wonderful friends, one of which is Laini, the tarot reader.

Mystery: she gets these random breather calls in all hours of the day. Who could it be?

Playing Detective: Vic will spy on Laini’s husband to see if he’s cheating on her. You would think if she’s a tarot reader that she’d be able to figure that part out for herself.

At first, the story seemed trivial and banal, but it was actually a little enticing. Although I didn’t quite get how they ended up in this kidnapping mobster heist in Vegas.

About half way through the book, it’s concluded that Vic has a stalker, and Judah, her hot, mysterious neighbor, is somehow assigned to protect her. But could he protect her from the stalker or is he the stalker?

The stalker part was certainly interesting, but I felt that story was rather unfocused. I mean, did we really need that whole scene in Vegas? I didn’t think it was pertinent. Then after you reach the midpoint, it all revolves around Vic’s stalker, which was compelling; however, the author didn’t elaborate on it. Personally, I would’ve liked a little more background info on it. Plus, there were paragraphs that tended to go and on tediously, not really contributing to the plot. The ending also wasn’t too spectacular.

This book is called The 7th Tarot Card and Laini was the tarot reader, but she hardly made any appearances or readings for that matter. Story had a nice premise, but the whole thing was just scattered and unfocused.

My rating: 3 stars

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