Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review: FOLLOW THE DOTTED LINE by Nancy Hersage

It all begins with cremated ashes being mailed in a burger container. Nice, huh? The prologue is all about the adult kids spreading the news to each other about their dead father. The last in the chain was the unlucky one chosen to inform their mother.

Andrea Bravos, a political activist, was that mother and ex-wife of the dead guy. But what was the cause of death? Strange how the looney, new wife refused to divulge that info. But Andy will stop at nothing to find out.

With the help of her TV-watching, God-preaching nephew, who’s smarter than he looks, Andy will dive into a mystery bigger than she realizes. Even I felt like strangling that snot-nose Harley with his constant criticism and overzealous theology on religion. Oh brother. And the two got into a debate on Heaven vs. Hell? Oh good grief! So these guys are pretty much bickering throughout this whole ordeal.

Overall, this was a well-written and witty story. I didn’t find the politics, history, and bible jargon to be particularly interesting. In fact, I could’ve done without most of that. Details were also quite lengthy in the story. Even with the amusing tidbits like testing the ashes for DNA, it just took a long time for the plot to progress. I admit that I got a little bored along the way. But the few things that I liked rated this an okay book.


My rating: 3 stars

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